Saturday, January 3, 2015


He had this blank stair at me.
His eyes reminded me of the ocean.
Looking into them I could hear the waves crashing and his heart beat was like the life of me.
Barely breathing his motions controlled everything in me.
I couldn't tell him, because he would never understand.
Never let me close or never let me in....
In his world I was his friend.
In my world he was more then this.
More then love, more then sex.
He was happiness spilling over my cup.
A cup that he had given me and never knew it's true meaning.
Letting him go was not even a thought.
If I had one finger, one drop of blood,
one of his anything,
if I had to be his friend then in his world I was.
In his world I was something.
In his world I had meaning.
In his world I could live,
because a piece of his heart even if he didn't understand was what friends held,
that's better then him being my man.
I can see why these girls hold on,
changing in time becoming a women while on the sideline waiting for him to change.
I believe they do.
Good intensions he means well,
it's not his fault that I got hurt and got caught.
Because we knew from the start
and what he always says,
you knew it could never be more when we started all this.....
and you still wait,
by the sidelines hoping he'll change.

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