Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cringe Filled Wednesday

Every Wednesday I am forced to go out to lunch with my team at work.  I hate it so much that when it's time to go my insides cringe with disgust.  We go to the same restaurant every week, because they have free pie Wednesday.  The last couple of weeks that I ordered cherry pie as my choice it would look all torn up when I received it and nothing like the picture.  Another coworker ordered the cherry pie today and it was pretty perfect looking.  I said, "dang your pie looks good," thinking its a joke, or an opportunity to poke fun at me, another coworker blurted out "it's because she's white." My three coworkers all threw their heads backwards in laughter.  I didn't think that was funny..... And my boss went on to say, "it's what we were all thinking, but she was the only brave one to say it!"  My insides sank with hurt emotions.  Maybe because I've said its because I'm black to many times?  Maybe because they think I pull the "black card" to often?  Whatever the reason was....I sat among three white people who will have more support, and a greater span of opportunities then I could ever hope for, and based not on my character, but the color of my skin.  It's nearly impossible to convince someone of your misfortune when they fail to see your challenges.

Romans 11:15
For if their rejection brought reconciliation to the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?


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