Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Letter To All The Absent Fathers

A letter to every father who never loved his daughter enough to stay:

When I was a child I would look out the window hoping you would come see me.  I wondered what was so wrong with me that you would desert me.  Or what was so great to keep you away.  As I got older I wanted to attend the daddy daughter dance, but I didn't have a daddy to go with.  I never had the chance to hug you goodnight.  I never got to hear you say you were proud of me.  I went through a lot of bad guys, because I never had an example of a good one.  I'm so afraid of being alone now, because I never got to see what a real relationship looked like.  I'm still very uncomfortable around men, because I never knew what it was like to have one in my life.  It's hard for me to accept compliments from men, because I never heard you say I was pretty.  I never saw you in the stands cheering me on.  There will always be a void.  I will always hurt, but I am working on living and being a good women.  I wonder how the days can go by and you never worry about if I am healthy, if I am eating, if I am just okay.  How can you sleep at night not knowing you have a kind hearted, loving, caring daughter who wanted to love you back?  I live with the hope that if you had to do it all over again, you would choose to be my daddy and
never leave me......

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