Friday, January 10, 2014


I have to start out by saying that the following is my own opinion. That I don't have any scientific data to back up my findings.  That what I am about to say is truth as I see things and have personally experienced them.

I have a bias towards black people, because I am black. I feel more comfortable most of the time surrounding myself with people of my same ethnicity.  However, there are times when I don't feel comfortable and basically some of them get on my nerves.  I have so many issues with white people. And it stems from my early years and the discrimination that I was subjected to.  I love all people. I love people of all colors who are kind, nice, thoughtful, and helpful; people who are genuinely good people.  I can't stand people who are raciest. It builds some kind of hatred up inside of me.  The very same hatred that I can't stand.  I guess the point I am trying to make is...being black I never lived in the 50's, so I didn't experience that time.  People think we've come out of the trenches and have some how fought the good fight and are doing so much better in this life....We have a black president!?!  From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to  Mandela and now President Obama...We still have a lot more journey ahead.  We still have more roads to cover.  It will never be easy and this battle will never be won.  As long as the devil gets to play, some things change and some things stay the same.

In my daily living I have learned that it doesn't matter what kind of car I drive, where I live, who I work for, or what I do.  I will always be black and ever so often I will be reminded of that fact.

So, steps to continuing this journey.
1. What Dr. King was saying is accept people for who they are.
2. What Nelson Mandela was saying is to be kind to everyone and open your heart to the unknown even if it is frightening.
3. Be a positive example. It really does take one person to start something that can change the world (President Obama).
4. Don't hold your negativity in. Don't be an undercover raciest. Talk about your feelings in an arena of diverse individuals who will welcome the conversation. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is defeated with knowledge.
5. Love yourself and love others as well. Sometime we can love our own so much that we exclude others.
6. Self-examination is so powerful.  However, you really have to be ready to take a good look at yourself....the positive and the negative.  Denial is that we don't want to acknowledge the negative things about ourselves and admit that we are wrong in our beliefs.
7. Pray. In all that you do. To aspire and achieve to be the best person we can.

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