Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 21.  Are you unhappy with your life?  I forgot, but was reminded today that someone always has it better than me and worse then me.  Today I am very peaceful knowing that things could be worse and in this moment they aren't.  If you are unhappy with your current situation pick one thing at a time and attack it with a vengeance.....make good choices, because every choice has a consequence!

What's on my mind.  How impressionable young minds are.  I am speaking about teens mostly.  They believe everything they read on the internet.  They are easily convinced by minimum evidence and lack of common sense.  They like to follow the crowd, because that's easier then standing out and being teased.  They can get brainwashed through the media.  Especially, music that has a negative message can hugely effect their emotional and behavioral state.  We really should work on controlling what's in the media.  Most important, we need to pay attention to what our teens are doing, what they are watching, reading, and who they are associating with.  I really think this is important.  The children will be the ones we pass the torch to who will make the decisions for our world in the future.  We need to teach them well, so they can model our values, of integrity, spirituality, humanism, courage, and perseverance. My challenge is to guide a young mind in a positive direction.  Uplift and support them even when they seem like aliens or try to look like aliens. Don't judge them so they have someone who they can openly turn to in a time of need.  Never take advantage of them, because it can change them forever.  Being a positive source can also change them forever for the best.  Today, do you know where your teen is or what emotional state they are in?  I will leave you with that very important thought.


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