Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 25. How to handle disappointment.  People will disappoint you the most!  I guess everyone knows that.  The thing about being disappointed is the heart ache you feel. Is it our own fault for believing in someone to do something we know may be impossible for them?  Or do we set our high standards on someone else and when they fail we feel hurt?  No one is perfect and we shouldn't hold failure against someone.  We ourselves fail at many things.  We should be supportive and provide this person with encouragement.  Even when they disappoint us continuously.

What's on my mind.  True happiness.  True happiness doesn't come from things or people.  True happiness comes from within.  We have the power to bring ourselves down and to uplift.  It's amazing how many people think the more money or things they have the happier they will be.  Money and things could make life easier, however, happiness comes from within.  Think about it this way, we can throw out something and that same thing can be someone else's treasure.  This occurs because it's how we view the treasure.  So, in the same token that treasure that used to bring you happiness doesn't anymore.  True happiness is aspired by being heathy in all areas of your life.  That means living out your dreams and having the job or career you want, surrounding yourself with positive people to have a strong support group, working hard to maintain emotional, mental, and spiritual stability.  No one can make me smile as wonderful as God can.  The challenge today is to pick out an area of your life that needs work.  If it's your career, work on your resume, think about what you really want to do that can fuel inner happiness.  If it's your emotional/mental state go see a counselor.  I think counseling is good for everyone.  If you want to work on your relationship with God, visit a church or seek out a spiritual advisor that can help.  Life is to short to spend it unhappy.  God gives us the freedoms to decide how we want to live.  In the pursuit of changing this upside down world we have to work on changing the people in it....starting with ourselves.  Can the world be upside down if we are right side up? Right now are you living like you feel in your soul you should?  Today I will leave you with inspirational quotes.

“Before you can improve your life and find a measure of happiness, you must learn to do one thing every day out of pure love.”
 Harold Klemp

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”

True happiness comes from within, loving who you are, what you do, and aspiring to be even better.

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