Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 8. I was watching a popular television show on cable television and was flabbergasted to see what I would call soft porn.  The television show came on at 10 PM.  I could only imagine children's who's parents don't monitor what they are watching and how this could effect them emotionally/mentally.  The truth is that we have parents who don't monitor or don't care what their children are watching on television. It's really sad to think how they will develop emotionally/mentally with what is going on in society.  I believe it takes a village to raise a child.  It's really difficult for a person to raise children and if they are forced to do it alone it's even harder.

What's on my mind a lot lately is self perception.  How I see myself seems different sometime from how others see me.  In this quest to change our upside down world self perception and change should be first.  How can we change the world if our own morals and values are corrupt?  So, self examination is necessary.  Even when I look in the mirror I believe I see something different then what other people see.  It's like being at a scene of an accident and their are like 7 different accounts of what went on, because everyone's perception is different.  If your perception is closed and negative it doesn't benefit anyone, not even yourself.  Work on changing what you don't like about yourself one day at a time.  I challenge you today to truly look at yourself and change what you feel will benefit your life.  Each night reflect on the kind of person you would like to become and ask yourself are you moving in that direction?

Today. I will leave you with a quiet thought....think positive.


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