Friday, September 5, 2014

It is September 5, 2014, a Friday.  I decided with all the ratchet “reality television” that I would write something that is real reality. Not something that is scripted and edited to convey only what I want you to believe, but the truth about what really is going on.  I hope I can convey through my memoirs what the “real” average person is going through in this world right now.  It will be very difficult for me to allow someone into my world.  A world in which I have moments of embarrassments, failures, successes, heart ache, struggles, support, and for me God, which is where my hope and faith keep me a float.  It’s 2014 and so much has transpired in the last decade that makes this world seem like it’s falling into some sort of abyss.  And maybe it’s just that every generation feels that way.  Change brings about something that causes an emotional uprising and mental confusion for most people.  It takes anyone time to adjust.  In this world right now it seems that if you can’t adjust you just get lost.  Lost could mean different things.  It’s not even a month since the death of Robin Williams.  Something very tragic that has shocked and saddened this planet, and I could go on and on forever about many things that his death brings to mind.  One of which I will discuss now since it is fresh is the pain of depression.  Every human being, nope, every living creature on this earth has thecapacity to experience and has experienced depression.  I can say this with certainty, because my belief in God who made everything gives me this assurance.  Depression left unresolved is deadly.  For some people that feeling of their worst day ever lingers on into weeks, into months, into a year can devastate a life.  Do we as a uniformed people really care about the lives of others?  Or are we just concerned with ourselves (individually).  So much is going on in the world that our focus becomes on surviving, and survival for everyone is different.  For some survival means making more money, for some it means finding food, for some it means working harder.  I believe we get so caught up in suriving that we don’t have time for the really meaningful and important things; like checking on that neighbor we haven’t seen in weeks.  Or that friend who wasn’t feeling well lately, or that teacher we saw distraught and different.  It’s a sad way of living to focus on just what is right in front of you and not what is all around you.  Maybe, I am just speaking from a limited point of view, laugh out loud (lol) my own, and is this part of life?  Is this the way we really want things to be?  Are we more concerned with correct English then understanding what is trying to be communicated?  For me, what I just said, that feeling you have right now understanding what you know to be the truth, for me it’s God filling my heart to say this.  Some time the truth is hard to digest.  These are basically the same things that a friend brought my attention to from an inmate awaiting death row by the name of Ray Jasper.  If you haven’t heard what he has to say you gatta look it up.  The internet is a wonderful source of information that has changed our world, connected our cultures, and educates us outside of the proverbial classroom.  On my first day of this memoir I started off deep.  I guess that’s just who I am.  What I always hear “Living the dream,usually said in a sarcastic tone.  I believe that one person can change a world, and I also believe it takes a village to raise a child.  Today, I want to challenge the world to change, starting with you.  One root can give life to many branches.  AnyoneI’ve ever spoken to has the same belief that our world, our system of living is upside down and that change can be made to make things better.  If we all work together we can accomplish anything.  Our history proves this.  Everyday, I am going to challenge the world.  We have weight loss challenges all the time.  I wanted to put “all” in capital letters.  What about challenging our mental and emotional state by uniting as one and making this world a better place for our children, ourselves, and our futuregenerations?  How we cope with life is how we really survive.  If we don’t have the coping skills or the support we are doomed.  We need to be proactive instead of reactive which is our seemingly bad trend.  So, the challenge today is to work on something that would make you a better person.  Check on that friend who said they weren’t feeling well.  Work on being a nicer person.  Don’t worry about how that bill is going to get paid today, but lend some words ofinspiration to someone who lost a parent, or child, or any love one.  Help a neighbor pull weeds, go have coffee or tea with an old friend.  Talk to someone new you don’t know, help an old man or women across the street.  Give away today a piece of real humanity and show kindness or for Ray Jasper, for today show empathy…….


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