Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 5. So, if you haven't figured it out I am a dreamer.  I am one that believes what you put out in the universe will happen.  I pray often for lots of things.  I also say thank you and ask forgiveness from God.  I am a dreamer meaning that I dream big.  I believe what you ask for (if it is the will of God) will be given to you.  I also believe that success is measured by effort.  The more effort you put into something the more successful you will become.  With that combination; dreaming big, trusting in God and hard work, how can you fail?  And even if you do fail persistence is key!  That just means I keep working towards the targeted goal until I am successful.  In a perfect  (not so upside down) world this would always turn out perfect.

What's on my mind.....we don't live in a perfect world and there are many people who will "dream kill."  I like to call them dream killers.  They tell you that your dream will never happen, that you are a dreamer and you don't live in reality.  They say that you are silly or crazy.  They say all these dream killing things that you start to question your own motive.  Usually, it's not just one dream killer telling you this, but maybe a few of them.  It can bring you down and make you feel intimidated if you allow it. Imagine back in the day when Robert Hooke asked his best friend to take a string and two cans and talk to him on one end.  His friend probably questioned his motives.  He may have even called him crazy.....and look at how the phone has evolved since then!  Now, you can call, talk, and see the other person on a telephone.  I give this example to say that there are many dream killers among us and instead of feeling defeated, excel.  Dream killers motivate me to do better.  They motivate me to want more, to be more, to be the better person.  I just smile at them and continue on my journey.  So, I appreciate dream killers, because they keep me on my toes.  I challenge you today in the quest of becoming a better person to get motivated by your dream killers.  Never give up on your dream.  I always say that I have a stadium and I may be my only fan, so I can't let myself down!!!!  If you are a dream killer (which we all are at one point or another) I challenge you to uplift someone with wild dreams and be supportive.  In life you never know what will happen.  Making fun of someone about their dream, may be the same dream that has come to fruition, and you are thanking them for later.  Today, I will leave you with a very inspirational video.



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