Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 43.  The Ebola epidemic is worse then what is being lead on.  I hate that our government feels that not being honest with us is the right decision.  Not being honest and being silent kills people.  If anyone really keeps up with what is going on, Ebola has to be highly contagious and airborne.  The way it's spreading like wild fire can not be just through bodily fluids.  Think of it this way, if the only transmission is like that of HIV/AIDS, then why haven't the family members of HIV/AIDS patients been quarantined???  It really sickens me that they haven't come right out to warn people.  We have become so brain washed believing in what the government tells us.  The best analogy I have is the government being like a boss.  Well, our bosses don't always have the right answers nor do they always have our best interest at heart.  Sometime, we have to investigate things for ourselves to find out the right answers.  Ebola has been killing Africans since 1976.  Since then newer and more deadly straines have developed.  Now that our doors have been open to this epidemic we are dangerously at risk.  The government also says drinking alcohol responsibly is okay.  More people die from alcohol use and alcohol related accidents yearly then that of all other drugs combined.  I'm just saying that we really need to educate ourselves.  That means taking information from different sources, putting things together, and using our God given common sense to make a rational conclusion.

What's on my mind.  In this time of uncertainty I rely on hope and faith to get me through.  All along realizing that for me God's will, will be done.  In my life I have learned that his plans for my life have been so much better then my own.  My trust in Him is what I have to keep going.  The challenge for today is to ask pertinent questions and demand responses.  Also, please wash hands, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing and take care of your loved ones and yourself.  I will leave you today with quiet introspection.


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