Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 47.  I have road rage. So, remember that no one is perfect.  When we notice character flaws we should take time to work on them.  I was so mad today when a car cut in front of me.  I could feel the anger building inside. I prayed, because we are supposed to be slow to anger.  The most important thing tho is realizing this about myself and actively working on it.  Anger can change your life for the worst in just seconds if you don't handle it.  I am so afraid of this.  So, I will keep you posted on how my anger management issue is going.

What's on my mind.  Following through on things.  I start lots of projects and do not seem to follow through on them.  It takes a lot to motivate myself to do things I have promised or dedicated myself to do.  I am really working on being better at this.  The Ebola scare has calmed down.  That just means the media isn't reporting on it as frequent as they were and this is kind of scary to me.  I keep wishing that I would win the lottery or someone close to me would win so I can travel the world and see the sights.  My closest friends say I am a dreamer.  I always tell them that you have to start from somewhere.  I can't imagine a life without dreams.  The challenge today is to sit quiet for five minutes and imagine yourself in another place.  What would you be doing?  Maybe that is something you should pursue.  Who would you be with?  Does that person know how important they are to you?  Today I will leave you with quiet introspect.


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