Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 53.  I had a horrible day.  When the day sucks it puts a cloud on everything.  I just really had to be thankful that the day was almost over.  Thinking that tomorrow has to be better.  Still looking forward to a peaceful weekend.

What's on my mind.  A lot of negativity.  Trying to focus on the positive.  Trying to center myself and get back to normal.  It's so important to not allow petty things to get you off track.  It's even more important to speak your mind when you feel strongly about something.  Before I act I think about the positives and negatives of my actions and if it can really hurt me I won't risk it.  Fear is incredible.  I envey the person with little fear and chases after life like a tiger to a gazelle.  Life has a way of taking you down paths you didn't really want to travel.  In those instances you just have to find the positives out of the situation.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  The challenge today is to find one thing you love about yourself and celebrate it.  Today I will leave you to think about this challenge.


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